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boris galac

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As you could see through the website, my name is Boris Galac, born in '88. I have been living in Osijek, (Croatia) for some time. I come from the field of humanities, specifically theology, but I can say that i have always been interested in technology and graphics, ever since I was a kid. Since I have a certain drawing skill, I tried to connect functionality and the visual aspect through technology.

In short, this is a brief story of how I got into web design, specifically front-end development. I've been doing it for a couple of years now. I can say that I am mostly a self-taught web designer, but I also completed a certified web academy in 2019. in Osijek.

hobbies & personal

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Apart from being deeply involved in web design and development, which can be exhausting at times like any other job, I love to spend my free time doing interesting and useful things. My first love is playing the drums. I've been playing drums since I was a child, and music, in general, is an integral part of my life. I relax, exercise, work, everything with music. I've been in multiple bands, and I can say that that period was unforgettable.

Another hobby that I like to mention is running. Running has also become a part of me since my adolescent days. It serves as a release valve, or a refreshment after a workday and sitting in front of a computer.

What is essential in my life is that I am a Christian, and Christ comes first in my life. I cannot imagine not being a believer.

my passion about code & design

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When I started my career in web development, I began with frontend - html/css/js, but after some time, having already created several websites, I found it interesting to work on website designs because designing through code can be challenging. That's when I discovered Adobe tools, specifically Adobe Xd for web design, and started using it. After some time, Figma was exactly what I was looking for. That's when I understood the box-model, flexbox, and the general concept of layout.

Through the learned fundamentals of good UI/UX design and by exploring the relationship between human psychology and interface, I dared to fully commit to web design.

Usually, when I design something, I also code it. I have developed the entire process from sketching the website, low fidelity, design, prototyping to the complete code of the design and deployment on web hosting. I draw my inspiration from websites such as UX planet, Dribbble, Behance, and Awwwards.

In any case, the key and goal of the whole process is to make the web product as easy and accessible to the user and their needs. A satisfied user is the goal of every designer or developer.

Thank you for reading!

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